Student Ministries

 LifeSigns Student Ministry

LifeSignsLogoLifeSigns Student Ministry is built on the foundation of Christ and His teachings. Our goal is to provide experiences that will ignite excitement and passion for Christ. We recognize that each person has been created special and unique and we strive to make this a place where everyone will feel loved, connected, accepted, and encouraged. Our regular meeting time is 5:30-8:00 PM on Sunday evenings.  LifeSigns Student Ministry is for youth in 6th-12th grade and includes a time of fellowship with a meal, a time for fun with games, a time for discipleship through a message, and a time for worship with music.  Throughout the year, LifeSigns youth have the opportunity to put their faith into action and serve others.



The Confirmation process is a period of intensive study about the Christian faith in preparation for full membership in the church.  Confirmation class starts with the simple question “Is there a God?” and works its way through a brief overview of Christian theology, an outline of the Old and New Testaments, Church history, Christian living, and the development of a personal faith statement. Confirmation is open to students in 7th grade or higher. The curriculum includes regular weekly homework assignments and several other projects, including making a confirmation banner, writing and presenting a statement of faith, attending and reporting on a worship service, and completing a written final exam. Each confirmand will be assigned an adult sponsor (or mentor), whose responsibility it will be to pray for, encourage, and guide his or her confirmand through the process. Because the confirmation class is designed to challenge our youth to wrestle with their faith, and to deepen their knowledge and understanding of God, it is important to offer them guidance along the way. The sponsor, who is a member of our church, but not an immediate family member of the confirmand, serves in that capacity.


Sterling United Methodist Players

This youth musical drama group includes singers, musicians, technical crew and a publicity team. Auditions are held for productions, but everyone is given a part. There are no small parts in our productions and everyone is important! Our productions are team efforts. All skill levels are welcome!  We usually announce the upcoming musical in November.


Bible Studies

One thing we take very seriously in our student ministry is helping teens grow deeper in their faith. We do this through Bible study, discussions and conversation. Below are the current study times:

  • Sunday mornings from 10-11 AM
    • 8th -12th Grade Sunday School: Jacobus Building