Sterling UMC’s New Sunday Experience Has a Successful Inaugural Sunday

Referring to the recommendations of the Innovations  Team back in May of this year, Pastor Steve Vineyard wrote at the time, “ I believe these innovations are a one-time opportunity to change the trajectory of our church and move to the next level in reaching our community to connect our neighbors to Christ and to one another”.

In the following months “Town Meeting” style events were held to both communicate recommendations to the membership and get their feedback.  A great amount of effort was put into planning and organizing an experience that meant great changes to SUMC’s Sunday mornings both in worship and to their Christian walk in fellowship, education, discipleship, and prayer.

In July, at a Church Conference, the membership overwhelmingly voted to approve this new direction for the church and what would ultimately be called The New Sunday Experience with its Growing Deeper at Ten hour of fellowship, learning, prayer, and service was born.

This past Sunday September 10, 2017 was the inaugural Sunday of this new direction for Sterling UMC.

It was a great success.

In a correspondence to the membership on Monday Pastor Steve wrote, “Yesterday after much planning, working together, and prayer, with great anticipation we began our New Sunday Experience and our Growing Deeper at Ten hour.   The palpable sense of energy and excitement at our church was remarkable to witness.”

He ended with, “There is much to be thankful for this morning, I am excited for the future of our church, and I want to thank everyone for their support, their hard work in organizing our new program, and their prayers.   Join us next Sunday as the excitement continues to build and make sure to bring a friend!”

All of us at SUMC are excited about our recent success and what it means to our future and we want to share that experience.  All are invited to worship with us and to learn and serve the Lord in our house…His House.

So please “bring a friend,” or bring yourself, or bring your family and yourself and come experience The New Sunday Experience at Sterling UMC!

The 11 AM Contemporary Service Praise Band

If you would like more information about Sterling UMC  including our Spanish language services please visit our website.

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