Job Openings

Position:  Director of Discipleship    (Posted 12/4/2018)

Hours/week: Part-time – 20 hours/week 

Work hours: Sunday mornings, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM, special events, evening meetings 

Classification: Non-exempt 


Supervisor: Senior Pastor 

Annual leave: Yes 

Sick leave: Yes 

Health benefits: No

Retirement benefits: Yes 


The Director of Discipleship oversees and coordinates people’s introduction and integration into the community of faith to grow discipleship in line with Sterling UMC ‘s strategic vision of transforming lives through Jesus Christ. This position will help people connect to the life of the church and to shepherd newcomers towards a path of discipleship, including but not limited to following up with first-time visitors, following up with and connecting newcomers to ministries in the church, guiding newcomers and visitors into membership and small group discipleship opportunities.

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Position:             Facilities Manager  (Posted April 1, 2019)

Hours/week:     Part-time – 10 hours/week

Work hours:       Flexible hours determined in consultation with the Director of Operations


Classification:   Non-exempt

Overtime:           No

Supervisor:         Director of Operations

Annual leave:    No

Sick leave:          No

Health benefits:              No

Retirement benefits:     No


The Facilities Manager is responsible for supporting the maintenance and repair of church facilities and grounds.  The church facilities are to be defined as the main church building, the Jacobus building, the parsonage, and the Oak Tree rental unit.  For more information click  Facilities Manager.


Position:  Not For Profit Special Projects Coordinator Internship   (Posted 4/12/2019)

Hours/week: Temporary  20 hours per week in May, ramping up to full time in the month of June

Work hours: Day, evenings, weekdays, weekends 

Classification: Non-exempt 


Supervisor: Director of Operations

Annual leave: No

Sick leave: No

Health benefits: No

Retirement benefits: No 


The Special Projects Coordinator Internship is a paid internship position starting on or about May 16 and continuing through June 30.  The primary focus for this position is fundraising for the Missions efforts of Sterling United Methodist Church and more specifically managing the annual sale.  The annual sale is the largest fundraising effort of the year managing donated inventory estimated in excess of $50,000 and converting the capital assets into money that can be used to fund future Mission efforts.  Working hours will generally be Monday through Friday however weekend hours will be expected.  Hours will be ramped up as the need develops and a forty hour work week can be expected in the month of June.

This position is an approximately 6 to 8 week assignment that requires project management, personnel management, inventory management, budgeting, marketing, solicitation of donations, negotiation of sales. For a complete job description Not For Profit Special Projects Coordinator Internship.  For more information contact

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