Local UMCOR Effort Underway to Support Disaster Relief

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is an organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering around the globe. UMCOR’s work includes programs and projects in disaster response, health, sustainable agriculture, food security, relief supplies, and more.  According to a recent press release about UMCOR’s response to Hurricane Harvey:

 “UMCOR-affiliated volunteers have been staffing emergency shelters, sheltering people in need, and working with evacuees where they have been relocated. United Methodist congregations have been making thousands of cleaning and hygiene kits. UMCOR-trained early response teams are ready to be activated for the relief phase of the disaster recovery process, which includes removing debris, securing homes, and stabilizing structures damaged in the storm.”

UMCOR’s relief supply network has 133,000 hygiene kits and 20,000 cleaning kits being deployed.

Locally, Sterling UMC has mobilized an effort to help replenish UMCOR’s stores of cleaning kits.

UMCOR’s cleaning kit is quite extensive and is packed in a resealable 5 gallon bucket containing:

  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Liquid household cleaner
  • Dish soap
  • 100 feet of Clothesline
  • 7 Sponges
  • 24-Roll heavy-duty trash bags
  • 8 Cleaning wipes
  • 1 Can air freshener
  • 1 Insect-repellent spray
  • 2 Pairs kitchen dishwashing gloves
  • 1 Pair work gloves
  • 5 Scouring pads
  • 1 Scrub brush
  • 5 Dust masks

Their hygiene kit, also extensive, contains the following:

  • 1 Hand towel
  • 1 Washcloth
  • 1 Toothbrush
  • 6 Adhesive bandages
  • 1 Bath-size soap
  • 1 Comb
  • 1 Metal nail file or nail clippers
  • 1 plastic bag
  • $1.00 to purchase toothpaste

These kits provide people basic needs when disaster strikes.

Disaster has struck in Texas and Louisiana and is likely to repeat very soon along the southeast coast of the United States.

Hurricane Irma, which now ranks as one of the most powerful hurricanes ever, will likely impact Florida by the weekend.

UMCOR needs donations to continue to provide the relief supplies needed now and in the future.

Sterling UMC will be accepting donations of cleaning kit supplies until September 17 when the buckets will be assembled during their Growing Deeper at Ten hour (10 AM) at the church.  If you would like to donate items for the cleaning kits a sign-up sheet is available.  Items can be dropped at the lobby donation center in the church at 304 E. Church Rd., Sterling VA 20164.

If you would like more information about assisting with packing the buckets on September 17 please contact our church office.

If you would like more information about UMCOR visit their website.

Sterling UMC is a community church and all are welcome to visit and attend our services and support our mission efforts.



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