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Holy Week – Good Friday

According to the United Methodist Church: The Friday before Easter on which the crucifixion of Jesus is remembered. Good Friday services focus upon prayer and reflection on the death of Christ and penance and special devotion for the believer. The source of our term for the Friday before Easter, “Good Friday,” is not clear.  It […]

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Holy Week – Maundy Thursday

According to the United Methodist Church: Maundy Thursday is an alternate name for Holy Thursday, the first of the three days of solemn remembrance of the events leading up to and immediately following the crucifixion of Jesus. The English word “Maundy” comes from the Latin mandatum, which means “commandment.” As recorded in John’s gospel, on his […]

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The Fifth Sunday in Lent, Holy Week Approaches

This Lent we will quiet things down and heighten our attention to the “still, small voice” of God and our own True Self. Listening through prayer as well as meditation on holy texts is an ancient Lenten practice. Come and rest, come and listen. This Sunday, the fifth Sunday of Lent,  Pastor Steve Vineyard continues his […]

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