Our Sunday Experience

On September 10, 2017, Sterling United Methodist Church unveiled a new and bold “experience” with the goal of enriching our Christian beliefs and strengthening our relationships within our church family and our community. We call this “The Sunday Experience.”

In the summer of 2017, our congregation voted to accept a set of recommendations to help our church grow and create more disciples for Christ within the community of Sterling by ”creating an environment that facilitates an engaging experience and fosters discipleship while nurturing families.”  With that in mind, we initiated a new schedule, with new opportunities for worship, learning, serving, and fellowship. In addition to worship services at 9 and 11 AM and our Amigos worship at 10 AM, a discipleship hour was designed to allow the whole congregation access to ways to grow deeper in our faith with “Growing Deeper at Ten”.  In this 10 AM  hour we have small group classes; a prayer group;  a group in service to the community in mission;  a session that will dig deeper into the elements of our beliefs;  a program to help us discover  how to enrich our Christian parenting and homes;  and a time to build relationships over a cup of coffee and some conversation.  Bible study in Spanish follows the Amigos service and meets at 11 AM.


Traditional Worship Service at 9 AM

Amigos Servicio En Español at 10 AM

Growing Deeper at Ten   – A Learning, Fellowship, and Discipleship hour at 10 AM

Contemporary Worship Service at 11 AM

“B & B” Bocadillos Y Bendiciones Spanish language Bible Study 11 AM